Rabbit Invitation – Results

A fantastic day of golf, with some great scores. There were lots of comments about the quality of the course and the standard of the greens.

Julian Goodall was originally due to play with a friend from Huddersfield GC. Sadly, the friend’s wife was rushed into A&E the day before, leaving Julian with a conundrum – withdraw and leave another pair with no-one to score their card, or hurriedly find a replacement. Whilst having a partner, who is a member at Woodsome, was technically not within the rules, a decision was made to allow it in the special circumstances – a decision I am sure Julian and Amer were particularly grateful for in the end.

For the prize winners, vouchers are waiting in the pro shop. Enjoy browsing.
Player 1 Player 2 Score Prize Notes
J. Goodall A. Latif 46 £100 each
J. Butterfield B. Orme 44 £50 each Best back 9 of the 44 scores
M. Stephenson B. Senior 44 £25 each
N. Hinds P. Davies 42
G. Lee J. Asquith 42
D. Mitchell M. Ellis 42
K. Skippins L. Whitwam 42 £25 L. Whitman closest to the pin on hole 7
R.Crabtree J. Bouch 41
S. Woodhead J. Battye 41
N. Harris F. Krischke 41
T. Johnson P. Steele 41
D. Hilton J. Heward 39
I. Kendall R. Sharpe 39
N. Ely P. Nilsson 39
E. Sykes B. Williams 38
M. Lister R. Hardley 37
S. Hirst P.Mitton 37
A. Grimshaw P. Hunter 37
R. Spychalski M. Dempsey 36
R. Sykes R. Carr 36
J. Purvis J. Gray 35
A. Parker D. Delooze 34
R. Roebuck T. Holt 34
P. Pickvance P. Hensman 32
A. Wooler S. Khalaf 28
R. Umbers M. Hanley 28

McGill Bowl - Saturday 10th July 2021

1 A CARTER & S MAY £125 each
3 A MELLOR & N GETTINGS £ 75 each
4 J TURNER & S NICE £ 60 each
5 P LALLY & D PALMER £ 50 each